About our Scenarios


- Official working timetables from the era are used to ensure the service you are driving and the services you see around you are prototypical. These are like the public timetable but contain more detailed information such as pathing, platforms used, booked traction and non-passenger workings.

Where working timetables are not available to us for a chosen route or era, we will use the public National Rail timetable or other reliable sources instead.

- All services are named with their headcode, time of leaving, origin and destination so you can see which is which. Please note, a headcode may not be provided if we are using alternative sources to the working timetable.

- Photographic research, carriage working notices and rolling stock diagrams are used to ensure the prototypical class of train, livery and formation is depicted.

- Where rolling stock allows, destinations and/or headcode blinds are displayed correctly.

- Where rolling stock allows, GSM-R, NRN or CSR radio systems are setup correctly with associated area changes.

- AI trains stop in realistic positions based off stop car markers or entrances/exits from the platform. They do not stop at the end of the platform unless it is realistic.

- All efforts are made to ensure that any red lights encountered are not 'false' reds that need to be passed at danger but are to be obeyed. If a red signal does need 'tabbing' due to incorrect signalling setup in the route, then you shall be informed in a message, or if the route is compatible with our Signal Enhancement Pack, the signal will behave correctly without you realising there was ever anything wrong...!

- If approach control signalling has not been simulated correctly on the route used for the scenario, our Signal Enhancement Pack is used to ensure it is.

- We take a minimalist approach to in-scenario messages. Apart from where mentioned above, we keep them to a minimum so as to not break immersion.

- Our detailed knowledge of railway operations means that you will not experience adverse signals for the sake of it but where it would be plausible in reality.

- Our scenarios are designed with a level of flexibility which allow for late running. Unless you are driving much slower than realistically expected, you will still see AI trains passing you.

- We endeavour to fill all sidings and yards with realistic rolling stock where applicable. The only time we may not do this is in high density areas where performance may unduly suffer.

- Upon the release of new rolling stock or enhancement packs, we shall endeavour to update relevant, existing scenarios to make use of these new packs.

- We only use rolling stock available from well established sources such as Dovetail Games, Just Trains or ourselves. You will not need to spend time tracking down individual 'reskins' to be able to use a scenario.

- All of our scenarios are searchable from within the Train Simulator menu.

- As the creators of the Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack, we are proficient in taking full advantage of it in our scenarios.

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